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Upcoming events

25th-27th of April 2024

NORWAY: Oslo, Only Connect Festival

Work: New work for 6 percussionists. (WP)

Musicians: PINQUINS (Gomnæs, Torrence, Nilsson), Dagfinn Theodor Ingebrigtsen Holte, Elvin Ingeborgrud Berg & Madelena Moreira Rato.

31st of May 2024


Work: "gjøkungen" for flute(s), clarinet(s), violin, cello and accordeon (WP)

Musicians: Tøyen Fil & Klafferi (Rekdal, Tjøgersen, Foss, Erikstad) and Kalle Moberg.

Aug/Sept 2024 (tba)

NORWAY: Hardanger, Hardanger Musikkfest

Work: und ich werde weitergehen for barytone voice and de-tuned piano (WP)

Musicians: Halvor Festervoll Melien and Sanae Yoshida.

September 2024 (tba)


Work: New work for sinfonietta (WP)

Musicians: Oslo sinfonietta. Conductor: Christian Eggen.

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