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List of works (chronological)



for piano trio

May 2022, 6 min.



for bassoon, clarinet, violin, cello and accordeon

May 2022, 10 min.

und ich werde weitergehen

for barytone voice and de-tuned piano

November 2022, 20 min.

Text: 3 of the "Harfenspieler" poems by Goethe


for wooden lurs (4 players), female voice and percussion.

April 2022, 7 min.


in earth

for cello, electric guitar, harp and piano.

January 2022, 9 min.


Tiled Air

for percussion (tiles), violin, cello and piano

March 2021

12-13 min. 

KOMMEN du vid meg?

version for solo double bass

January 2021, 7-8 min.

Boiling web

for solo de-tuned piano

July 2020, 14 min.

Tales off balance

for symphony orchestra

Feb. 2020, 12 min. 

Part of the Job

chamber opera for 4 voices and 2 musicians

June 2019, 13 min. 

Libretto: Gable Roelofsen


det du trodde du aldri ville huske

for female solo voice and guitar

June 2019, 12 min. 

Text: Øyvind Rimbereid

Songs in between barren landscapes

for solo cimbalom

2016-19, 25 min.


for sinfonietta (14 musicians).

Aug. 2018, 12 min.

Trapp med grønne steintrinn

chamber opera for 3 soloists and 4 musicians, Feb. 2018, 16 min.

Libretto: Based on poems by Øyvind Rimbereid


for mixed choir (16 or more singers) and brass quintet, Jan. 2018, 7 min.

Text: Tor Ulven

Uår av Terje Vigen

theatre music for chamber orchestra, Oct. 2017, 45-50 min.


for large wind band, Aug. 2016, 15 min.

Pas de 2

for banondeon and bass clarinet, Apr. 2016, 6 min.


for solo viola d'amore, Nov. 2015, 9 min.



for children's string orhestra", Oct. 2015, 3 min.


FOUR for strings

for string orchestra, July 2015, 9 min.



for soprano and piano quartet, May 2015, 20 min.


Étude ralentissante

for female voice and 9-10 musicians, Aug 2014, 10 min.


Next Turn back

for solo piano, June 2014, ca. 13 min.


Procession and drought

for percussion trio, Dec. 2009/Apr. 2014, 16 min.



for wind quintet, Feb. 2014, 9 min.


AD UNDAS – Solaris korrigert

opera in two acts, for 6 soloists, symphony orchestra and a 9-voiced choir,

2012-2013, ca 102 min.

Libretto: Øyvind Rimbereid (ed. by Lisa Lie and Øyvind Mæland)


KOMMEN du vid meg

for cello solo, mai 2012, 7 min.


Glimpse – vanished

for piano solo, Feb. 2012, 5 min.


HALF moons

for voice and sinfonietta, Feb. 2012, 7 min.


Sci-fi-Lieder from the North Sea!

for voice and piano, June 2011, 35 min.


FISH glinsande afgarde

for sinfonietta, Feb. 2011, 3-4 min.


An die Musik

for baritone, guitar and piano,  Oct. 2010, 7 min.


String quartet in 2 movements

2009/10, ca. 19 min.


Wandering the woods for the trees

for wind quintet, Apr 2010, 5 min.


à L.

for 4 horns, May 2010, 4 min.


Preludium 14/8

for organ solo, Aug. 2009, 3 min.


Through surfaces

duo for violin and piano, Oct. 2008, 9 ½ min.



for sinfonietta, May 2008, 5 min.



 for symphony orchestra, Feb. 2008, 5 min.


Surely there isn’t any hurry, is there?

for impro-based ensemble, Sep. 2007, 5 min.



Concertino for piano and chamber ensemble, May 2007, 12 min.


Heavy rain

for fl, b. cl, 2 vlns, vla, soprano and barytone, Mar. 2007, 5 min.

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