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Orchestra, opera, choir, theatre


Tales off balance

for symphony orchestra

Orchestra: 3-3-3-3, 4-3-3-1, timp, 3 perc., harp, piano, strings.

Feb. 2020

12-13 min. 

Part of the Job

chamber opera for 4 voices (mezzo, tenor, baritone, bass) and 2 musicians (clarinets, percussion)

Libretto: Gable Roelofsen

June 2019

13 min. 


for sinfonietta (14 musicians).

Aug. 2018

12 min.

Trapp med grønne steintrinn

chamber opera for 3 soloists (2 sopranos, 1 barytone) and 4 musicians (perc., guitar, vln, db)

Libretto: Based on poems by Øyvind Rimbereid

Feb. 2018

16 min.


for mixed choir (16 or more singers) and brass quintet

Jan. 2018

7 min.

Uår av Terje Vigen

theatre music for chamber orchestra

Oct. 2017

45-50 min.


for large wind band

(2-1-6-3sax-1, 3-3-3-1euph-2, 3 perc.)

Aug. 2016.

15 min.

FOUR for strings

for string orchestra (minimum 4-4-3-2-1)

July 2015.

9 min.


AD UNDAS – Solaris korrigert

opera in two acts,

for 6 soloists, symphony orchestra and a 9-voiced choir.

Soloists: Operator (baritone), Operator-S (high soprano), Shiri (mezzo), Mrs. Chan (soprano), Elevator-man (tenor), Medic (Soprano).

Orchestra: 3-1-3-2, 4-1-3-1, 3 perc., 1 piano, strings (minimum 6-6-5-4-3).

Choir: Minimum 3S, 2A, 2T, 2B.

Libretto: Øyvind Rimbereid (ed. by Lisa Lie and Øyvind Mæland)


Ca. 102 min.



for symphony orchestra

3-2-2-2, 4-3-3-1, timp., 2 perc., harp, strings.

Feb. 2008.

5 min.



for children's string orchestra

Oct. 2015

3 min.

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